Quality Pole Inspection & Maintenance, Inc is extremely serious about SAFETY.

  • Situational Awareness  – Recognition of environment and events around you.
  • Attitude                                – Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Fatigue                                  – Be aware of fatigue and stop before injury.
  • Engaged                               – Stay engaged within your work and surroundings.
  • Team                                     – Know where your team is at all times.
  • You                                         – You are valuable and important, don’t risk You.

Safety has always been a core value at QPIM, and we continue to add to our safety culture.  Each morning our crews participate in “tail gate talks” before going into the field as a daily reminder to stay safe.  These small talks are promoted during our weekly all company safety calls conducted via remote live video conferences where everyone shares and learns from each other about safety issues witness during the last week.   Our staff and owners are always looking for ways to improve the safety for our employees, the community, and customers.  People are what we work so hard for, people are what we protect, and people are what we value.